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Schedule Apps - Schedule your app to run and save more on AWS costs using CMPUTE Scheduler

Scheduler module gives you the ability to run applications only when needed and not keep it running all the time. Typically, for QA and Dev environments, you can schedule them to be running only during weekdays and for certain time windows (Start my API layer QA environment at 8 AM PST and stop it at 8 PM PST for instance). A 12 hour savings can result in about 50% savings on your current EC2 spend. Coupled with the usage of spot instances, which gives an additional 85% savings, you can drastically bring down your EC2 costs with cmpute .

In terms of numbers, an on-demand m4.xlarge windows instance is charged at $0.404 without cmpute would cost ~ $300 per month (0.404 * 720 hours). Using cmpute , assuming 80% savings over on-demand, the cost would come to ~$60 dollars. Now with a scheduler added running 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and 4 weeks a month, your AWS cost for m4.xlarge would come to ~$19 dollars giving you close to 94% savings!!

Adding a scheduler to your cmpute Job is quite simple. Just follow the steps given below in the cmpute UI.

  • Click the Schedule button on job creation or from the Job List screen.

  • Choose Daily if you want to run your job daily, or Weekdays to run it from Monday through Friday.

  • Choose the timezone where you want to create the schedule.

  • Select Start Time and End Time for the job (End times are 10 mins before the hour to ensure AWS doesn’t charge you an extra hour)

  • Provide a schedule name to identify the schedule and click Save