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Use Reserved Instances

CMPUTE RI Manager is a component within our platform that analyzes and optimizes your Reserved Instance purchases. It ensures optimal utilisation of RIs purchased across the organization.

cmpute facilitates the use of RI’s in a Job. While creating a job user has the option to specify if a job should or should not use RI’s.

Steps to use RI’s in a job

Step 1: Provide all the Job details which includes:- a. AWS account b. Region c. Name

Step 2 Select an Instance type for which RI’s are available

Step 3: Select ‘Use reserved Instances’ checkbox

Step 4 Provide the ‘Min’, ‘Max’ and ‘Desired’ count and other details as required

Step 5: Save and run the job


Note: Currently RI’s are supported in a custom AMI job.



  • cmpute will launch RI’s if available
  • If RI’s are unavailable, cmpute will launch either spot or on demand RI’s based om instance availability
  • cmpute will launch a combination of RI’s and Spot or On Demand based on RI availability and desired count set in the job
  • cmpute utilizes RI’s purchased in one account to be used by another account within the same AWS Organization.Refer ‘Add Master & Child Account’ to know how to add a master and child account in cmpute platform.
  • RI’s bought in Master account can be used in child account and vice-versa.
  • RI’s bought in one child account can be used in other child account
  • RI’s can be used in the same region in which they are purchased.
  • Supports Instance Normalization factoring RI purchases made at region level and AZ levels
  • Normalization is supported for Linux instances only