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Add Master and Child Accounts in cmpute

cmpute RI Manager is a component within our platform that analyzes , uses and optimizes your Reserved Instance purchases. It ensures optimal utilisation of RIs purchased across the organization.


  1. Support for AWS Organization account: CMPUTE utilizes RIs purchased in one account to be used by another account within the same AWS Organization

  2. Supports Instance Normalization factoring RI purchases made at region level and AZ levels

  3. Real-time and monthly aggregates of RI utilization reports, with a special focus on our unique “Excess on-demand usage” metric.

How to use RI Manager

Existing customers have to update their CloudFormation template via cmpute portal while new customers just need to add their AWS account to start using our new RI Manager.

Steps to Add AWS Master and Child Account(s) in the cmpute platform

Step 1 Add AWS Master Account

Step 2 Click ‘Accounts’ under ‘Admin’

Step 3 Select ‘Add Organization Account’

Step 4 Click ‘ADD ACCOUNT’

Step 5 Provide ‘Master Account’ details and click ‘ADD ACCOUNT’


  • Alternatively you can use the “Launch Stack” button to get the AWS account details. Refer Getting Started to know how to add an account using ‘Launch Stack’.

  • Cmpute will add the master account and display the list of child account(s) associated with the master account

Step 6 Add Child Account(s)

Step 7 Select one or more child account to add to the cmpute platform by clicking on the ‘Add Account’ checkbox against each account.


  • By default all child accounts will be selected.
  • If a child account is already present in the cmpute platform then the ‘Launch Stack’ button and the ‘Add Account’ checkbox will be disabled.

Step 8 Click *ADD ACCOUNT(s)

Selected child account(s) will be added to the cmpute platform


  • Selected child Account(s) will be tagged to the master account