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Benefits using CMPUTE

CMPUTE enables both internet and traditional enterprises to automatically benefit from AWS cost.

CMPUTE enables usage savings by optimizing workloads with spot instances and EC2 smart sizing.No matter what you use AWS for, cmpute helps you to reduce your cost (by up to 90%) in a frictionless manner.

Features that customers love:

  • AWS spot bid optimization seamlessly deploys, moves, and manages workloads over high cost savings spot instances across any AWS region.
  • EC2 instance smart sizing realizes ultimate EC2 efficiencies with the automatic instance sizing for the right application / workload.
  • Seamless integration easily works with pre-built apps for the most common enterprise applications (JMeter, Spark, Hive, PIG, Jenkins, Elastic BeanStalk, and more) and REST API support provides a smooth experience.
  • Fully managed benefit from cost and utilization optimizations from within your own AWS account while we do the heavy lifting.
  • Secured with organic and strong AWS security controls.