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CMPUTE is a solution that fully automates AWS cost management in a way that makes the ROI impossible to ignore.

AWS has 11 regions with 2 to 3 AZs in each region, 50 instance types, and many instance categories (like On-demand, Reserved and Spot). Identifying the right infrastructure for your application(s) from these options is not a trivial activity. It is complex, costly, and often sub-optimal.

CMPUTE takes out the complexities associated with compute management by automating all the activities, resulting in up to 85% reduction in AWS costs.





What is CMPUTE?

CMPUTE.IO helps AWS users achieve on-demand AWS availability at spot pricing. SaaS based platform enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to save up to 87% by optimally balancing, sizing, and automating the management of compute resources over AWS On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot EC2 instances.

CMPUTE’s unique algorithm and tight integration with Auto Scaling Groups, Elastic Beanstalk, Custom AMIs and Amazon EMR provides a highly reliable way to use Spot Instances in every layer of your application without compromising your application’s uptime or availability.

How does CMPUTE help me save on AWS costs?

CMPUTE provides savings via 3 central approaches:

Instance distribution: Using Spot instances, spot blocks and RIs instead of On-Demand instances in the right distribution model for direct cost savings.

Scheduling: QA & Dev are major areas of AWS spending. cmpute provides the ability to define and automatically deploy instances and environments at specific schedules so instances run only when needed.

No over-provisioning: cmpute continuously tracks and monitors instance utilization and automatically resizes instances to the right types to avoid instance over-provisioning.

How much savings can I achieve using CMPUTE?

CMPUTE can bring in savings of up to 87% on your compute (EC2) costs. Given the fact that EC2 costs account for the majority of AWS spend today, you can typically expect savings of 30% or more on your overall AWS spend once you start using cmpute across all of your applications.