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Setting up CMPUTE

To get started with cmpute , go to the Registration page and create a new cmpute Account. To Register for cmpute , enter the following details:

  • Enter your Full Name
  • Enter your Organization Name
  • Enter your Organization Name or any desired name to set domain name
  • Enter your valid Email Address
  • Enter your valid Phone Number
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Create Account button.You may be asked to select the Captcha to let us know that you are human.


First step after signing up - Check your Email

After signing up, you will receive an email on your registered email address for verification. After verification completion, you can successfully sign in to cmpute.

Sign in Process - Wizard

When you sign up for the very first time from your customized domain (for example : http://, you will go through the Wizard page. Here you will be asked to follow a few steps in order to set up everything, which you will be required to use on an app later.

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Select any app.


Add AWS Account


  • To create an Account, cmpute requires your role AWS Role ARN.
  • In case AWS Role ARN already exists then you might not be able to create new AWS Role ARN.(You may use the same Role ARN or create a new one)

To use cmpute Apps, Account creation is mandatory. For that, click the Add AWS Account and you will be redirected to another page where following details needs to be given to add an account.

Step 1: Click on Launch Stack to launch the CloudFormation template. It will redirect you to the AWS website. (Please Log in to your AWS account if you’re not logged in. )

Step 2: After login into AWS account, you will be redirected to the CloudFormation page.Click on the Next Button in the Select Template screen.



Step 3: Click on the Next Button in the Specify Details screen.


Step 4: Click on the Next Button in the Options screen.


Step 5: Select both the checkboxes in the Review screen (it would give this CloudFormation template access to create IAM Resources) and Click the Create button. A stack gets created.


Step 6: Once the stack gets created, Go to Outputs tab and copy the Role ARN value and paste it in AWS Role ARN field in the cmpute’s Account screen.


Step 7: Enter Account Name.

Step 8: Select the Region.


Step 9: Click on the button Add Account.

Note: Before adding an account, the customer needs to have their own AWS account.

Select App

Once you’re done with adding account and project, you can select any app you want to work on.