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Rightsizing Advisor

Rightsizing is the process of analyzing your workloads and recommending the right instance type to minimize wastage thereby reducing cost. Refer starts monitoring the application metrics CPUUtilization, memory usage and network latency .The Utilization is monitored for a period of 15 days before a recommendation is made so that the average performance is taken into consideration hence ensuring the recommended instance meets the requirements and at the same time you pay for what you use.

Based on the current resource’s utilization (of CPU and Memory) compared to it’s actual specifications, RightSizeAdvisor recommends a smaller instance (right size advisor will always downsize on your instance) hence cutting the cost and allowing better decision making.

cmpute makes recommendation on the following metrics:

CPU Utilization

By default for every job that cmpute executes, CPU utilization is considered to make right sizing recommendation.

Memory Utilization

User can choose to take memory utilization into consideration while making a right sizing recommendation alongwith CPU utilization.


Metric monitoring is done for 15 days from the day a job is started in cmpute and a recommendation is made on the 16th day. cmpute makes recommendation once every 15 days.



  • Memory metric based recommendation is supported only for Linux instances.

  • For Memory metric the instance profile must have ‘CloudWatchFullAccess’ permission set in the AWS account.