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Job Search

Job Search feature let user search a specific job out of hundreds of job. Steps to search a Job: Login to the cmpute. Go to Jobs Page. Type Job name or Job ID in text box and hit enter or click on the search icon. »

Rightsizing Advisor

Rightsizing is the process of analyzing your workloads and recommending the right instance type to minimize wastage thereby reducing cost. Refer starts monitoring the application metrics CPUUtilization, memory usage and network latency .The Utilization is monitored for a period of 15 days before a recommendation is made so that the average performance is taken into consideration hence ensuring the recommended instance meets the requirements and at the same time you pay for what you use. »

Shutdown Script

Shutdown Script A user defined script which cmpute will execute before instances are terminated. Below are the steps to follow before providing shutdown script for execution in a job: The job in cmpute should have an ‘Instance Profile’ associated with it. This instance profile should have access to s3 bucket in your AWS account. Create a file named ‘config’ which should contain json structure having cmpute domain, cmpute access key and cmpute secret key »