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How does auto scaling work with CMPUTE ? Is it the same as AWS’ auto scaling?

Yes. It is similar. We use the same Auto Scaling configuration and start managing the Auto Scaling Group via cmpute .

Can I specify that I need the instances to be in a specific region?

Yes. While configuring the application, you can specify the region where you want the instances to be launched.

Are on-demand instances always run just in case all of my spot instances get terminated?

It is a choice you have. For low risk applications (like Dev / QA), you can have a full spot strategy. For prod workloads, you can go with a hybrid approach. All instances launched by cmpute will be tagged. You can track and trace everything that cmpute does from your AWS Management Console.

Do I need to enter the minimum number of on-demand instances I want in order to guarantee my uptime?


Does CMPUTE automatically kill spot instances that fail their health checks while still maintaining the minimum number of on-demand instances I specified?

Yes. cmpute does that. Not just spot instances, but even the On-demand or Reserved Instances that cmpute launches, if they fail the health checks. You will receive notifications of all such activity.

Do I specify some thresholds about when I want the scaling to occur and when a threshold is hit, the group is scaled?


Does CMPUTE choose whether the instance that gets spun up is spot or on-demand? Or is it always spot?

CMPUTE will first use Reserved Instances if they are available in your account. It will then go in for spot instances and use On-Demand instances as the last option. It will always adhere to any provisioning rules defined by you (e.g. minimum no. of on-demand instances).

What exactly is a high risk instance? Just an instance that does not pass its health checks?

High risk instance is a spot instance that is predicted by cmpute to be terminated by AWS soon. The termination risk for a spot instance launched by cmpute can increase over time and when cmpute estimates the risk to be high, it proactively replaces it.