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Elastic Beanstalk Group Resource

Create a new Terraform template

Configure the batchly provider

                provider "batchly" 
                    tenant_url = "${var.tenant_url}"
                    api_key = "${var.api_key}"
                    secret_key = "${var.secret_key}" 

For Example: <>/<>

Provides a batchly EB group resource

Example Usage

                #Create an batchly eb group

                resource "batchly_aws_eb_group" "workers" 
                    name = "app_name"
                    account_resource_id = "A-XXXXXXX"
                    region = "us-east-1"
                    eb_env_id = "e-xxxxxxxx"
                    restrict_instance_type = true
                    minOnDemandCount = 0
                    minCount = 1
                    desired = 2
                    maxCount = 2
                    health_grace_period = 300
                    replace_unhealthy_instances = false

Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Name of the asg job in batchly to be created.

  • region - (Required) aws region.

  • account_resource_id - (Required) The resource id created while adding an account in batchly.

  • eb_env_id - (Required) elastic beanstalk environment id.

  • restrict_instance_type - (Required) To restrict the instance type as specified in the launch configuration of the asg used.

  • minOnDemandCount - (Required) The minimum number of on demand instances the group should have at any time.

  • minCount - (Required) minOnDemandCount + no of minimum spot instances to run.

  • maxCount - (Required) The maximum number of instances the group should have at any time.

  • desired - (Required) The desired number of instances the group should have at any time.

  • health_grace_period - (Required) The time in minutes an instance should wait before any user-data scripts executes in other words the instance is considered healthy.

  • replace_unhealthy_instances - (Required) To replace the unhealthy instances behind elb’s or not.

  • suspend_scaling_operations - (Optional) Suspending scaling.