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ECS support in cmpute

CMPUTE has direct support for running your ECS cluster. The following guide gives the step by step approach of managing your ECS cluster through the CMPUTE platform.

Steps to migrate your ECS cluster auto scaling group to CMPUTE

During ECS cluster creation, AWS creates an auto scaling group for the cluster. If you are running a ECS cluster with Name “ProdApp”, there will be a corresponding AWS autoscaling group in the format EC2ContainerService-ProdApp-EcsInstanceAsg-

Add scaling policies to this autoscaling group

Step 1: Create a CloudWatch Alarm for the Metric

For this setup, you create an alarm on the cluster MemoryReservation metric to alert when the cluster’s memory reservation is above 75%.

To create a CloudWatch alarm on a metric:

  • Open the CloudWatch console at
  • On the left navigation, choose Alarms.
  • Choose Create Alarm.
  • In the CloudWatch Metrics by Category section, choose ECS > ClusterName.
  • On the Modify Alarm page, choose the MemoryReservation metric for the default cluster and choose Next.
  • In the Alarm Threshold section, enter a name and description for your alarm.

Name: memory-above-75-pct

Description: Cluster memory reservation above 75%

Set the threshold and time period requirement to MemoryReservation greater than 75% for 1 period. Choose Create Alarm. Now you can use this alarm to trigger your Auto Scaling group to add a container instance when the memory reservation is above 75%.

Optionally, You can also create another alarm that triggers when the memory reservation is below 25%, which you can use to remove a container instance from your Auto Scaling group.

Step 2: Login to your account. In the top pane click on Apps and then click the Run job button in Auto Scaling Group.

Step 3: Select your AWS account and the Region.

Job Name: You can give any desired name to your job.

Account: Select your AWS Account where you want to run the job.

Cloud Region: The Cloud region will be selected automatically.

Auto Scaling Group name: Select the ECS Auto scaling group from the list of auto scaling groups.

Min OnDemand instances: Specify the minimum number of on-demand instances to be run as part of the cluster.

Step 4: Click on Save and then either schedule or run the job.

CMPUTE will launch the specified number of instances and associate with the ECS cluster. Continuously monitor and manage entire cluster. If any of the scaling thresholds are hit, CMPUTE will scale up/ down instances.