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Assign Team(s)

Teams is an access control mechanism to manage your cmpute account by a logical group of users. Its a collection of users. It provides a fine grain control of different resources in your cmpute account. Resource visibility can also be controlled using teams.

A team can be assigned to the following resources in cmpute:

  • Users
  • AWS Account
  • Jobs
  • Schedule

Assign Team to a Job

Every job created in cmpute account can be assigned to a Team. Each job can have only one team associated with it.

cmpute will display the Team Name list when the below conditions are met:-

  • At least one team has been assigned to the AWS account in which the job is required to run.
  • The user creating the Job should belong to at least one team assigned to that AWS account



  • A team can be attached to a Job while creating a Job
  • A team can be updated while editing a Job